Please review the following information to assist you with successfully submitting invoices.

* The 1st invoice entered in eBilling must be approved by the court and the case number created in eBilling before submitting a 2nd invoice for the case.

* The case number is like a file folder. All documents are consolidated within that case (invoices, authorization to exceed, address changes).

* If the message appears that begins with "Another vendor may also be billing to Probate Case: . . ." STOP! Check My Invoices for a previously submitted invoice for the case. If the case number appears, use that case number to submit the next invoice.

* It is highly recommended to use online invoice entry.

* PDF invoices require the vendor name and address, invoice number (MUST MATCH the number entered in eBilling!) , case/represented party name, dates, time spent, description of service with service provider, and must be formatted with a top margin of 3/4 inch & bottom margin of 1 inch.

* If an invoice is rejected please email PCAAccountspayable@ctprobate.gov for instructions on proper submittal procedures.

Any questions regarding the eBilling system, contact the eBilling Help Desk at PCAAccountspayable@ctprobate.gov or 860-231-2442 x301.

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