The Office of the Probate Court Administrator uses the online eBilling system to process court-appointed attorney and conservator payments for indigent clients. The system significantly streamlines the process by eliminating more than 25,000 paper invoices on an annual basis, making the billing process faster and easier for you.

Thank you for your service to the Connecticut Probate Courts!

All first time users of the eBilling system must "Request Account" to login to eBilling. You will need your State of CT Vendor Number.

Subsequent Invoices against a case:

DO NOT process a second invoice on a case until the first invoice has been paid!

-After the first invoice on the case is paid in the eBilling system- Go to "Existing Cases" on the home page, find the case in that list. Select the blue hyperlink "Submit Invoice" and then proceed with the invoice submission. Questions regarding subsequent submissions contact the eBilling Help Desk at PCAAccountspayable@ctprobate.gov or 860-231-2442 x301. You may also refer to the "Quick Guide" located in the footer of every page for tips on submitting invoices for an existing case.

Log In

Enter your User Name and Password.

In order to request an account you need to be a State of Connecticut vendor. You will be required to provide your state vendor number when requesting an account.

Attorneys go to http://www.ctprobate.gov/Pages/Attorneys.aspx to learn how to become a vendor.

Conservators go to http://www.ctprobate.gov/Pages/Conservators.aspx to learn how to become a vendor.